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We haven't met many couples working together with small business dreams and ambitions - although we'd love to meet some! We recognise there is, and always will be, a debate over whether working in business with your partner is the right thing to do. Whether it is the right thing to do or not, it should always be what is right for you. We've drawn together a blog post below about working together, including a few things on what we enjoy and how we make it work.

Because We Enjoy It

As big believers in doing whatever makes you happy - we wouldn't have started In The Post if we didn't think it would bring us joy. We do what we do, and we work together because we enjoy it. And that in itself was a reason to start In The Post together.

"It's great to work with someone with a similar level of drive and ambition as you - even better when they are your partner and your home is your HQ" Dan

"We're lucky enough that we both agree on things 97% of the time. We really like researching into ideas together, and sitting at the dining table and brainstorming our thoughts." Amber

Making It Work

We've put together our top three tips for how we currently make working together, work for us, and what we will continue to do while running our small business.

Business Free Time

Knowing when to have business free time, and even scheduling this into the diary works wonders for us. We have been running our personal lifestyle account together since June 2020 and since then we've always had 'switch off' time and we now apply this to running In The Post as well. This is time set aside where we don't do any work or talk about business related things - leaving time to focus on us as a couple and other things we also enjoy doing together. Businesses say they are open 24/7 and there is an unrealistic expectation for business owners to reply in a matter of minutes. We need to start appreciating that everyone needs time to switch off and step away from work (even if it's only for a couple of hours!). If we don't reply within a few hours on a Saturday night, chances are we are cooking a dinner together, binge watching Netflix or doing a jigsaw together. Equally, we don't expect our small business partners to reply to us instantly either - it's all about balance!

Different Skillsets

A significant part of going into business together, has been acknowledging what each other is good at, isn't so good at and what aspects of running a small business we enjoy. As we discussed in our 'Meet The Team' blog, we initially bonded on our first dates over our shared love for being ambitious, working hard and trying new things. We always said when the time is right, we would consider going into business together - and in February 2021, the time was right.

Splitting up business tasks makes everything a whole lot easier. There are some things we both work on together such as brainstorming new letterbox ideas, or finalising designs for content; however there are a lot of things which we divide between us. Amber has a keen interest in websites, social media and content creation and therefore takes the lead on this; while Dan has some excellent Excel and finance skills which keep us on track especially in terms of admin work. We both love to be creative together and bounce ideas around, and although we disagree on a few things, we are very lucky that we have similar enough ideas for us to make it work!

Bounce back, together

We are very grounded in our approach to business, and although we have high aspirations and ambition enough to fill a stadium - we know that for small businesses it is harder to be seen, and to be invested in, especially when just starting out. We believe in our letterbox gifts and put 100% into each package but this doesn't mean there hasn't been and won't be times which are hard. We're only a couple of weeks into our business and already we have had to 'Bounce back, together' from worries over sales, issues with deliveries and so on. How do we bounce back, together; and what does this mean?

As much as setting up a business is focused on creativity and product development, you need to know that when sales are slow, you are ok financially within the business, and as a couple. Our business logs, financial spreadsheets and business analysis provides a comfort blanket - and will continue to do so when we face months of slower sales.

Another way we bounce back, together is by avoiding burnout from overworking or talking things through by having weekly check ins. We've also been very supportive of each other as a couple and this really helps when starting a small business together. Understanding is key, and although we recognise we may differ on opinions from time to time or face difficulties, our relationship so far gives us confidence for working together in business.


Thank you for reading! We'd love to hear your experiences of working with your partner, and any tips you'd like to share. Follow us on Instagram to join in the discussion.

Amber and Dan - In the Post


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