Meet The Maker - Lucinda

Meet The Maker, Lucinda - the owner of @elitetreatkitchen, our small business shortbread partner.

When and why did you start your small business?

Lucinda sells shortbread biscuits, gift boxed with love.

"I started my business in May 2020. I’ve always had a passion for baking but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to specialise in until one day I decided to bake some special shortbreads!"

What do you enjoy about having your business?

"I enjoy building relationships with lovely businesses, social media accounts and customers!"

More about Lucinda

"I put in as much work as I can with the biscuits, it really is my passion! I try to incorporate a lot of the things I love into my business, such as my love for classic novels and the colour pink. I mostly enjoy reading Jane Austen & Daphne Du Maurier, which both inspired the idea to include their quotes on a little print out inside the boxes!"

Lucinda's Handmade Heart Shortbread Biscuits on her Instagram feed have been described as "too pretty to eat" (by us!).

Pictured below is the Lotus Biscoff and Milk Chocolate Shortbread Hearts, featured in The Ellesmere Box.


We hope you've enjoyed reading our Meet The Maker series, and getting to know the faces behind the small businesses. The makers are the people who do a happy dance when you place an order or share an Instagram post, the people who wake up early and stay up late to post your orders out, and the people who want to hear your feedback and reviews on each order. If you can, please do follow and support each of the businesses in The Ellesmere Box.

Thank you for reading and we hope you love the businesses as much as we do!

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