Meet The Makers - Chloe and Caroline

Meet The Makers, Chloe and Caroline - the owners of @scentkeepers, our small business wax melt partner.

When and why did you start your small business?

Chloe and Caroline sell inexpensive luxury hand poured candles and wax melts without the luxury price tag.

"What initially started as a hobby, became a fun family run small business officially opening 20th February 2021. In the beginning Mum had bought the supplies to make her own candles after struggling to find her favourite scent in any shops - we started to experiment with different scents and shapes and quickly realised producing melts and candles was very therapeutic and provided us opportunity to unwind and get creative after our busy days at work running one of the many COVID-19 vaccination sites. Scent Keepers became my key focus following losing my employment because of the lack of work due to the pandemic but the main driving force to launch as a small business and offer our beautifully packaged, luxury hand poured products for others to enjoy was our family and friends. The support from them and all our customers encourages us to continue growing!"

What do you enjoy about having your business?

"Creating beautiful products, communicating with new people and most of all working with each other.

"Every design comes from an idea of something I'd like for myself!"

More about Chloe and Caroline, and Scent Keepers

"Family and friends matter most to us! We are certainly missing getting together and we are looking forward to when we can safely meet up in person with family and friends. Especially during the pandemic supporting each other is extremely important so now more than ever communication online, on the telephone, or via post, is playing a vital role in being able to stay connected with family and friends and also connect with new people. Starting Scent Keepers has also provided a space for relaxation, away from our busy full-time roles running a COVID-19 vaccination site.

Our products can be a little luxury treat for yourself or make the perfect small gift to remind friends that you are there for them and to brighten up their day. A lot of our scents have been carefully blended with a focus on aromatherapy to provide stress relief, uplifting and energising aromas and ultimate relaxation. Whatever the mood - we have a scent for you.

I, Chloe, have developed a passion for nature, especially bees and insects since marrying an aspiring entomologist - this is why we have aimed to provide products that are eco friendly, cruelty free and vegan friendly. From our ingredients in the wax melts and candles to the luxury packaging - everything has been sensibly sourced to ensure we are providing products that are less damaging to nature and the environment whether by being biodegradable, suitable to be reused or recycled or made from recycled materials.

Pictured below: wax melts featured in The Ellesmere Box.


We hope you've enjoyed reading our Meet The Maker series, and getting to know the faces behind the small businesses. The makers are the people who do a happy dance when you place an order or share an Instagram post, the people who wake up early and stay up late to post your orders out, and the people who want to hear your feedback and reviews on each order. If you can, please do follow and support each of the businesses in The Ellesmere Box.

Thank you for reading and we hope you love the businesses as much as we do!

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