Meet The Makers - Debbie and Ellie

Meet The Makers, Debbie and Ellie - the owners of, our small business jewellery partner.

When and why did you start your small business?

Debbie and Ellie sell handmade silver plated jewellery, including rings and bracelets.

"I started my business in July 2020, with the aim to create personalised and unique gifts. With my upbringing of campervanning at coastal locations and my love for beaches, this was our inspiration behind the bracelets. I run White Sands with support from my daughter, Ellie and we really enjoy getting to know our customers."

What do you enjoy about having your business?

"Much like others, I enjoy the freedom of being my own boss. Making our customers happy is the prime intention of our business, which is why it’s important to us to keep every detail of their gift handmade, including the gift wrapping. We also try to use recycled products as much as possible.

"It's important to us to keep every detail of their gift handmade!"

More about Debbie and Ellie

"My jewellery is inspired by my love of the beach lifestyle and travelling in my campervan - which we hope to do again soon. It’s a family run business with my daughter which makes it even more special.

We're lucky enough to live by the beach, which is where our beach themed content comes from and our inspiration for a lot of the jewellery pieces. We also enjoy spending some time down on the beach, going for walks and thinking of new ideas. After lockdown, we're also looking forward to seeing friends and family again, partying in our bar and getting back in the campervan.

Recently, we celebrated a goal of 500 orders (equates to 1500 bracelets made), so I guess you could say it's kept us busy during lockdown."

Pictured below is the silver plated heart bracelet featured in The Ellesmere Box.


We hope you've enjoyed reading our Meet The Maker series, and getting to know the faces behind the small businesses. The makers are the people who do a happy dance when you place an order or share an Instagram post, the people who wake up early and stay up late to post your orders out, and the people who want to hear your feedback and reviews on each order. If you can, please do follow and support each of the businesses in The Ellesmere Box.

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