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Most small businesses are made up of one or two people, families with spare rooms turned into workshops, ideas born through hobbies, lockdown and creativities - and we are no different. Meet the team - Amber and Dan from In the Post.

Get to know us a little bit better

As mentioned in our introductory blog post: We are Amber and Dan, and we run an Instagram account called The Ellesmere Home. We started this account in June 2020 during Boris' second lockdown after moving into our first home together and discovering a love for home décor. Our Instagram account developed overtime into our own lifestyle blog, where we share our daily lives (including lots of dog and food pics!) and also things which matter most to us such as self-care, body positivity, mental health awareness, and small businesses in the UK.

We are strong advocates of getting to know the people behind a business and a brand, which is why we have introduced our 'Meet The Maker' series blog with a blog post dedicated to each small business we partner with.

On that note, we'd love to tell you a bit more about us. Whether you know us personally, have found us through @theellesmerehome or don't know anything about us - we hope the below somewhat entertains you.

Pour yourself a brew, and grab that jumbo pack of digestives you've been saving for the weekend. Or, if it's past 11am, we won't judge you for bringing out the wine.

The story of how we met... (believe it or not, this is the short and sweet version)

A not very long time ago.. in September 2018, we found ourselves staring at each other's Tinder profiles after a match flashed up on our phones. We swiped for each other while living down south near London (Dan was on a graduate scheme at an engineering company, and I (Amber) was on an events internship at a company around the corner). We were only ever a couple of miles apart, but what we didn't know is that we'd already:

- Studied in the same city at the same university

- Lived in the same accommodation block

- Had mutual friends and mixed in the same places on nights out

We always think it's funny that we didn't meet through any of the means above, but through some significant life decisions that led us both Northerners to move down south independently, and eventually end up looking for a relationship on Tinder.

We bonded over our love for work and joint ambitions, and the fact that we found each other funny but no one else seemed to (it's probably the same to this day!). We've never been spontaneous, more the opposite due to our need to plan extensively, but we surprised our family and friends and also ourselves by booking a holiday to Malaga just the two of us to get to know each other better. When we got back from Malaga, Dan asked me to be his girlfriend and our relationship grew from there.

Since then a lot has happened. A long distance relationship spanning over six hours travel time, a decision to move in together during the second lockdown, the set up of The Ellesmere Home, lots of red wine nights, cooking and netflix series, family events (albiet some via zoom) and the road that has brought us to setting up our first small business together - In The Post. (Oh and we also got engaged last year, so we're planning a wedding too!!)

More about Dan

Trying to keep it short and sweet...

Avid Liverpool FC Fan. Known as a 'Rocket Scientist' or 'Master of Spreadsheets', holding the job title of a Systems Engineer. Often found eating spicy foods or drinking beer (patiently waiting for the pubs to reopen...). Likes to spend his time out of lockdown going on holidays, camping and exploring new places.

Most commonly heard saying 'No it's not a lockdown beard.'

More about Amber

Passionate about the events industry (and much like Dan with the pubs, waiting for major events to reopen). Currently organising virtual events - and we don't just mean your auntie's zoom quiz every Saturday. Adores her King Charles, Emmy, and spends a lot of time looking for pet accessories online from small businesses. Contemplating having fajitas at our wedding, as her childhood friends keep reminding her it was always her dream!

Scrunchie lover, home décor enthusiast, and looks forward to holidays in the sun but is as easily pleased with a large glass of wine, a copy of the latest cosmopolitan and a hot bath.

We want to get to know you!

Have you finished that pack of digestives yet? Or are you on your second glass of wine? Whatever you're up too, we thank you for reading our clumsy attempt at a get to know us blog post. If you have any questions, pop us a message and we'll get to know each other (and help you finish the wine...).

Whether you think we'd be great friends (and want to join us for a virtual cuppa or glass of wine) or you run a small business yourself and want to discuss collaborating - we'd love to get to know you. We're very active on In The Post and The Ellesmere Home and we are 9 times out of 10, up for a conversation. The 1 out of 10 is when we are knee deep in a Netflix series and have put our phones down!

We hope you enjoy getting to know us more and the various small businesses we work with. And we hope to get to know you too!

Amber and Dan - In the Post


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