What do you think of our packaging?

We’re quite excited by our packaging, mainly because we’ve been able to secure at least 50% of our materials from small businesses, with the hope to improve on this further.

We aim to be as open and transparent as possible with our small businesses journey, and this includes sharing our suppliers, any tips we pick up and places we look to for inspiration.

There is a misconception that larger retailers will always be the quicker and more cost efficient option but if you shop around - which we love to do! - you can find small businesses selling just what you are looking for, along with good costs and quick delivery.

Thank you to @pack_plan and @scribbleandsketchuk - amazing businesses to follow, especially for small business packaging! We bought our tissue paper and packaging tape from Pack Plan, and our lovely/exciting things stickers from Scribble and Sketch UK. One of the great things about buying small, is getting to know the people behind the product. This is another reason why we've chosen to shop small for 50% of our packaging and also why every item in the box will be linked to our Meet The Makers series.

We’ve also worked hard to find and choose eco-friendly materials, from environmentally conscious businesses. But that's a blog post for another time!

If you’re a small business - where do you get your packaging from? What do you think is essential?

Amber and Dan - In the Post


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